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The Good Advice

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


This is one of my favourite activities for groups. No matter if it is inside the classroom, with your team at work, or during a workshop, this activity really encourages a deeper connection between participants.

You should only use these activities if you feel like the time and place are adequate. That the activity will have a positive outcome on your target group. As it can become very emotional, you should be prepared to manage these emotions.

Start by settling some ground rules, that this is a safe space and we should not share outside what people share during the session. Make it clear that everyone should only share what they want to share and any intervention is voluntary.


  1. Create a safe environment where everyone fells comfortable sharing their problem.

  2. Encourage communication about one's issues

  3. Show that even not knowing who you are, people can give surprisingly good advice to your problem

  4. Create a sense of "you are not alone"


  • paper

  • pen / pencil

  • container - basket / box / hat


  1. Everyone writes down in a piece of paper, a problem / challenge they are facing in the present.

  2. Everyone folds their paper in 4 and puts it inside a basket.

  3. Each person takes a paper out of the basket.

  4. Everyone writes an advice to the problem they have in the paper.

  5. Everyone reads out loud the problem and their advice.

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