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Our talks are adapted to your needs and interests.

All our interventions are interactive and in accordance with your own goals. 

We aim to establish long-term collaborations with businesses that want to support our mission and care for their employees.


The involvement of businesses in the fight against all types of modern-day slavery is essential, as they have the power and resources to promote fast development in this field. Non-profit organizations usually struggle to fund their operations, limiting their reach and impact.


With you, we can create a collaboration where we can provide different services for your company, and all the revenue from those services will be used in our mission of making mental health services accessible to all survivors of human trafficking and frontline workers.

We believe that we can have an impact with a single conversation.

Would you like to talk to us?

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"That was great! You are really intelligent and inspiring.
Your work sounds fantastic, so modern and innovative. A big thank you from our organization."

– Frontline anti-trafficking organisation, UK

What we can offer

1. Team building workshops:


Training companies to prevent human rights violations and other major issues is important. Still, it is equally important to create a sense of belonging within your team to promote well-being in the workplace.

Our dynamic team-building coaching sessions can be done remotely or on-site. The duration and frequency of the sessions will be agreed upon with each client.


2. Lectures and workshops about human trafficking:


Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, is a crime present in almost any type of business that affects every single country around the globe.

We provide lectures and workshops to raise awareness about this issue and provide tools and knowledge so anyone can prevent it for themselves and others.


3. Lectures and workshops on how to promote well-being in the workplace:


Well-being in the workplace is a daily practice that requires the involvement of everyone working in the company, starting at the top. We can provide practical lectures on how to promote well-being on a daily basis and take better care of all the employees.

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