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What we do

With limited funding, we are experiencing higher demand than what we can handle.


All donations and support are extremely appreciated, both by our team and most importantly, by those who really benefit from our projects!

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Education and training


This is a safe space where anyone can learn about human trafficking and mental health with these 30-minute to 1-hour conversations.


Specific episodes will include external guests from Norway and abroad, who will share their own experiences and knowledge.

Education & Training
Secure Digital Solutions
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For survivors, professionals and psychologists.

You can register now!

This is the member's area on our website. You can register for free and get access to our videos and other educational resources. 

More importantly, this is a place where you can share your knowledge, learn from global peers and connect with anti-trafficking organisations. 

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Mental Health Support

For survivors and frontline workers.

Mental Health Support

So far, we have provided individual online mental health support to:

3 Survivors

7 frontline workers

And group online mental health support to:
9 frontline workers

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