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Reflection: Emotions, Symptoms & Trauma with Kyle Davies

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Kyle Davies is a chartered psychologist, therapist, coach, and consultant who lives in Cardiff, Wales.

In this webinar, he discussed the nature of trauma, emotions and their intimate relationship with health and well-being.

Kyle works with individuals who have experienced trauma and often have chronic or life-long conditions such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

He works from an individual-based perspective. With him, we discovered some new ideas on understanding the body and human psyche and especially how disconnected both terms are, nowadays. In this webinar, he discussed on an individual level, and also how we can work on a collective level to improve healing.

“I believe that globally we are traumatized, we are going through a huge change. Where we are seeing increased transparency. Pedophilia, human trafficking, abuse, in general, is more available to all. This suggests that we are collectively impacted by trauma”

On the individual level, Kyle explained the links between trauma and the ACE’S (Adverse Child Experiences), showing how trauma can impact thought processes and manifest in behavioral patterns, and how even years later, individuals can be triggered by a myriad of factors. The relationship between past traumatic experiences and current emotional coping mechanisms are highly interconnected, and can even present through physical symptoms.

However, a problem lies in that often the medical approach to health can be guilty of treating the body and mind as separate entities. In this way, we can be led to believe that that stress is confined simply to the mind. This is dangerous as it excludes external factors such as diet, habits, upbringing, political and social issues and of course trauma.

Rather than working only with the symptoms, Kyle argues that we should view “Symptoms as solutions, symptoms as messengers.” and that we must work “beyond the understanding of the mainstream health system and its limitations... Stress is so much more than agitated feelings.


Kyle has been translating his years of wisdom and experience into not just a book, but podcasts, interviews and interventions for individuals and organizations.

At the core his work focuses on increasing well-being and developing individuals' inner potential through engagement with their emotions. On a more collective level and In the realm of social justice, humans are on a constant learning journey, and another topic that we discussed in relation to this was the power of self-development. Society plays a key role in this self development, and we need to continue pushing to restructure how society supports different individuals whose life conditions have made this journey more tortuous and difficult than others.

In terms of Human Trafficking and exploitation, one of the concerns is how to reintegrate the survior into society after suffering such complex trauma. The reintegration has to come with collaboration and with society’s effort too, here comes the imprtance of working collectively, to make the transition safer and create a stable environment for the survivor to reintegrate into. It also pays to focus on prevention and education, in an attempt to stop the profound suffering caused by exploitation.

Humans for Humans aims to educate around such issues that Kyle discussed. We believe that it is necessary to challenge old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve us, and to encourage treating trauma and mental illness using a whole-body approach.

After attending this webinar, we feel more intellectually refreshed and more emotionally connected to who we can potentially be in today’s world. It is important to continue engaging with parts of ourselves that may at times be challenging, and open this dialogue to others around us. Ending slavery is everyone responsibility.

We can help you become more intellectually informed and emotionally connected to the issue of human trafficking, and together we can work towards creating a safer world for all.

Thanks Kyle!

Where to find Kyle:

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