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Who We Are

We are friends, we are citizens of the world, and we share the same values and do our best to contribute to a world without slavery. 



  • To make mental health services accessible to all. 

  • To improve post-trafficking mental health support services and make them a priority. 

  • To include programs about human trafficking in schools and universities.

  • To educate global mental health professionals so they are prepared for the specifics of human trafficking. 


To be part of a global community, with organisations, survivors, civil society, governmental agencies, mental health associations, and others, to fight human trafficking and secure safe and adequate care to all of those affected by human trafficking.


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Meet the Team

Sara Pestana

Founder & Executive Director

claudia - Claudia Marques.jpg

Cláudia Marques

Head of Branding & Marketing

Alicia Palacios

Podcast Project Manager & Host

Bianka Karolyi

Content Manager

20220124_173241_0000 - Melina Didani_edited_edited.jpg

Melina Didani Kello

Head of Educational Programs

Eleni Christodoulou_edited.jpg

Eleni Christodoulou

Digital Series Project Manager

118966733_10158484223769014_2885001034366109202_n - Felipe Lillo.jpg

Felipe Lillo Climent

Psychologist & Advisor

new pb - Helene Hartung_edited_edited.jpg

Helene Hartung

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

IMG_E5840 (2) - catarina_fitas_sapo_edited.jpg

Catarina Fitas

Head of People & Culture

Revilda Ndrecka - Revilda Ndrecka_edited.jpg

Revilda Ndreçka

Content Creation & Design

Dini_blide - Zahra Dini_edited.jpg

Zahra Dini

Content Creator 

Anthony Gianoummis

Chief Innovation Officer 

Image - Ledia Ndoci_edited_edited.jpg

Ledia Ndoci

Content Creator

IMG-0689 - Sibani_edited_edited.jpg

Sibani Thapaliya

Content Creator


Kristina Mineeva

Marketing &  Publicity

Pekus Fotos (1 of 1)-7_edited_edited.jpg

Pedro Costa 

Video & Audio Editor

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