Meet our team

“Collaboration is key to solve any problem in the world. I am extremely grateful to everyone that believed and supported our mission!
We look at the bright side of the world to keep ourselves sane.
We look at the dark side of the world to keep ourselves useful, together.”


Founder & Executive Director

My name is Sara and I am a Family Therapist from Porto, Portugal, who has been living in Oslo since 2018. With a master's degree in psychology, I started my career in Portugal, where I worked and volunteered with different at risk populations.
I first worked with children and youth in several schools, then did my master's thesis as part of the investigation group responsible for evaluating the Portuguese residential childcare system, and finally I worked in a protection center for Human Trafficking Survivors.
In Oslo I have been working on topics related to mental health and transition, and in January 2020 I founded Humans for Humans, aiming to provide support to all of those directly or indirectly affected by human trafficking, to help them blossom and thrive!
“I’m glad to be a part of the Human for Humans team because I believe in our goal, mission, and that we can change the world!  Moreover, it is a great challenge for me to be a marketing strategist in a non-commercial organization.”


Co-Founder & Development Director


My name is Kristina and I am a marketing consultant from Saint-Petersburg, Russia who has been living in Oslo since 2014. With a good combination of financial and marketing education, I got my first master’s degree in Marketing, in Russia, and my second master’s degree in Finance, in Norway. I started my career in Oslo in 2017 as a marketing intern in a Norwegian startup which gave me a good boost to register my own company, Mineeva Consulting. Since then, I have been working with several diverse clients. With my background and experience, I has strong skills in different areas, from digital marketing, performance marketing, email marketing, market research, strategies, storytelling, budgeting and fundraising.
Humans for Humans gives me a tangible way to challenge myself and reach out to the communities I care about most.


Chief Innovation Officer


My name is Anthony and I am an international expert in universal design. My work focuses on fusing human rights in the design of technology.

I live and work in Oslo, Norway, and I travel the world facilitating inclusive innovation workshops and speaking on universal design. My work has received over €12,000,000 for research and innovation on the universal design of technology.

I actively develop new businesses focused on universal design. I have authored over 40 scientific publications and taught over 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students. My work supports sustainable development by using universal design to produce inclusive innovations. I love working with awesome people.
“My call is to include the community in the equation of mental health support, I don’t longer consider an office as the only therapeutic setting. The community has been transformed as the guru of the future and conscious leaders, our stepping stones. Human trafficking needs to be considered as preventable and treatable not only as a legal concern but mostly as a health situation, where to be treated as a HUMAN is the base.”


Professional Network Manager & Clinical Psychologist


I am a clinical Psychologist from Chile who has lived in five countries since 2015.

I finished my Master's Degree in Health and Clinical Psychology and got experience in working with thousands of people in both professional and volunteer contexts.

My approach includes mind/body practices to broaden the topic of trauma in the mental health community.

My current challenge is to practice and get certified in Compassionate Inquiry, a methodology created and supervised by Gabor Mate.
"I am so excited to be a part of Humans for Humans. It feels great to be a part of a team where even though we come from different parts of the world and have different backgrounds and experiences, we still work towards the same goal: to help people in vulnerable situations."


Treatment Project Manager


My name is Bianka and I joined Humans for Humans in January 2021 in order to challenge myself and to use my skills in a way that allows me to contribute to society positively.

I come from Hungary and I have been living in Norway since 2017. I recently graduated from the University of Oslo with an LLM in Public International Law with a specialisation in human rights. I also hold an LLB in Law with International Relations from the UK.

I have experience in human rights law and human rights related issues, both academic and practical from volunteering for different NGOs in several countries. I am especially interested in fighting modern day slavery in all of its forms.
"I am so excited to be a part of this passionate and dedicated team!"


Grant & Fundraising Officer


My name is Lisa and I joined as a Humans for Humans volunteer in October of 2020. I have over six years of experience working as a development team member for non-profits in the United States, with a particular focus on prospect research, annual fund execution, fundraising strategy, and database maintenance.

Prior to my non-profit work, I held marketing and supply chain roles for major corporate retailers. I moved to Oslo from the US in the Fall of 2019 with my husband and our two cats.

I am excited to be working with the team at Humans for Humans so I can help make an impact in our community and abroad, and ensure more people are educated about this important issue.


Podcast Project Manager & Content Creator

Hola,  I’m Alicia Palacios and I'm a Mexican living in Oslo since 2019. I studied Science of Communications at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), so called journalism. I worked in a Startup Company located in Mexico City called Reinventa. I also worked for Avante Llantas in the publicity area focusing mainly in the e-commerce industry and the making of marketing campaigns to promote tire different brands.

I believe in the power of social service and I’m convinced that together we  are stronger and we can make this world a better place to live in.
"I am excited to be part of educating people around this global issue, and hope to help this young organisation grow and make a difference. I am looking forward to what 2021 will bring!"

Molly Venn

Newsletter Manager


My name is Molly and I am a recent Masters graduate from England.

I have experience working with people from many different demographics, including refugees, international students, and individuals with social and emotional needs.

Humans for Humans caught my interest because it combines many elements I am passionate about and have studied-human rights, education, mental health and empowerment. I am now working as the Internal Communications Manager, ensuring that our members are kept up to date and that our team is connected.
I joined Humans for Humans because it's my tiny contribution for a big and impactful action against human trafficking issues.


Content Coordinator


I would like to introduce myself as Sibani as more people know me by this calling name instead of my document name, Bimala. I’m an ambitious media enthusiast from Nepal, having a special affection for social media, social connections, and social services.

In Autumn 2017 I came to Norway, and I’m glad to be a part of Humans for Humans. My degrees in media studies from Nepal & Norway, and experience in multimedia communications have enriched my communication knowledge and interest in social media. I’m excited to research and develop communication strategies and I'm excited to promote the aims and achievements of this non-profit organization in the best possible way.
“I believe that each human being carries a unique story that can help us connect, be understood, learn, be resilient and surpass adversity. I found particularly significant the role and power that community effort has regarding recovery, and the importance on human contact for healing and thriving difficulties. I admire Humans for Humans’ mission to create awareness while working against human trafficking and I find its uniqueness by addressing mental health in survivors and responders alike. Joining Humans for Humans makes me feel like I can truly make a difference for somebody in extreme situations. I’m honored to work with a group of people that share the same values and collaborate with one another to achieve common goals”.


International Connections


My name is Llanel Rivera and I’m from Puerto Rico. My passion for world music, cultures and languages allowed me to participate in programs across the globe. Consequently, attaining a BA in Music Performance, a BA in Foreign Languages and an MSc in Human Rights & Multiculturalism. 

Apart from working in these fields, I worked in emergency management & risk reduction in environmental disaster contexts. Working with people in extreme conditions expanded my interests in human rights, humanitarian law, human dignity, cultural diversity & understanding, equity, social justice and mental health.I believe in this NGO. Our joint collaboration is a growing and learning opportunity, providing the space to acknowledge empathy, help others and become better human beings.  
"I believe that one of the common goals for humankind is striving to create a world where human rights are universally safeguarded. We all have a moral duty to contribute to eradicate human rights violations and strengthen their protection. Through collective efforts and awareness-raising, we can transform the ideal of a better world into a tangible reality where human dignity and justice prevail."


Content Creator


My name is Anca, and I am originally from Romania, but I moved to Norway in 2014. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Law, and I am currently pursuing a Master`s Degree in Human Rights and Multiculturalism.

I am particularly interested in human rights law, human dignity, public international law, and cultural diversity. For me, Humans for Humans means the opportunity to do something meaningful. 
"I find Humans for Humans as an essential platform for promoting human rights for a very vulnerable group."


Content Creator


My name is Susanne, and I am an early childhood educator with a masters degree in human rights and multiculturalism. I am from Norway, but I have travelled a lot and lived in different parts of the world. I have been volunteering for Humans for Humans since January 2021.

Working with children and being their advocate in alignment with human rights and human dignity have resulted in my wish to reach further.