"Adding a social cause to your business model may leave you with happier and more loyal customers. And it can help your company recruit talent and retain employees. Your social purpose gives workers a more personal connection to their work, and that often changes how they do their job. Plus, as a business leader, this initiative can bring you health and happiness, too!" - Forbes, 2018


We have a donation based program for your company, no matter in which sector you work!

You donate to our cause, helping us provide support to more human trafficking survivors, and we go to your company and teach you how to prevent this crime and have an impatc on abolishing slavery everywhere, forever!

If you would like to join our donation based program for companies, please contact us and take a first step into raising awareness about slavery.

You can help prevent this crime by learning about it and teach it to your employees and / or students.
We provide programs for companies and for schools on topics related to human trafficking, violence, human rights, diversity and inclusion.